Big City Knights
Big City Knights

Big City Knights

Los Angeles is under attack!   Disgruntled ex-government employee, Danks Booth, is bombing government buildings around the country to avenge injustices against him.

 Set in mid-90's Hollywood, maverick City Marshal Jack Dalton, recently "reassigned" to the LA city marshals division due to their lack of appreciation for his irrepressible nature, recognized the destruction as Danks' handi work.  But he's not the only one interested in Danks.  Bounty hunter, Nathan Steele, has orders to drag Danks back to NYC!   Working from opposite ends of the law, Dalton and Steele, run, drive and fight--- at times even each other---to meet in the middle to capture this maniacal domestic terrorist.

Genre: Action




Country: USA

Release: 2021-08-24


Quality: HD

Rating: 0